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Dishonored 2 Crack search reach your space with a gameplay that varies between direct fights with swords, and ranged weapons, such as pistols and crossbows. The formula worked and the game points as one of the candidates for game of the year.You control Crow, a real soldier who witnessed the assassination of the Empress of Dunwall and still is alleged to have committed the crime. After suffering for what you didn’t do, the character is aided by a secret conspiracy that aims to take the retaking of the city. Allied to this, Raven seeks to avenge those who plotted against him.The plot has a roll out interesting, but that just sinning by excess of dialogues. There is a possibility of you run a good portion of them, anyway, if you prefer to understand the unfolding of the plot, it is necessary to pay close attention to everything that is said, even with those mere supporting cast.Dishonored 2 begins a linear form, up to the player to get used to all the commands of the game. And soon after the beginning of the plot, you are faced with an open world,-that strongly reminiscent of the presented in Fallout. From that point, it’s up to you to follow the main course, or choose to hunt secret items and fulfill quests.While the primary goal follows closely the plot of the game, many of the side quests are parallel to events and become completely expendable. Maybe that’s why, you can choose to ignore them and finished the campaign in a much shorter time. Already running behind Runes – that grant new abilities the character – is a task that must be applied several times throughout the game, since the degree of difficulty of his enemies is not easy.And how complete its main path, you can choose to use the best strategy, whether it is based on stealth actions, or in a direct combat against their enemies without worrying not to splurge. Of course the actions without drawing attention are most suitable, because aside from conserve ammunition, avoid direct combat and, consequently, damage.The gameplay of Dishonored 2 deserves praise. She seeks to merge shares with guns or crossbows, and blows of swords. Thus, his character exudes an amazing ability to strike with one arm and shoot with the other. And more confusing as it may be, it innovates and fits perfectly into what the game provides. In direct combat, your character can strike and defend. The movements are agile enough to that this is almost always the tactics used to eliminate your enemies without wasting ammunition. However, there are still flaws in time to present the exact distance between the player and the opponent, which ends up causing at times you think you’re far enough from your opponent until he can strike a blow-off. Dishonored 2 Download Free right below!

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